3 Lessons Learned: Cannabis

Health Advantages of Smoking Marijuana

Despite having numerous health benefits, marijuana is heavily regulated in most countries. Several countries are starting to lift the ban on marijuana after realizing its benefits, especially in the medical field, although it’s still banned in a majority of countries. Many studies conducted demonstrate the effectiveness of marijuana in treating many health conditions. Marijuana as a topic has become very popular due to this. In the United States, there plenty of people investing money in the industry with the hope of cashing in once it mature. If you are planning to invest money into the stock market, then you should consider buying marijuana stocks.

As of now, a majority of states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, though, the substance is banned in most states when it comes to recreational use. More and more states are planning to allow marijuana to be used for recreational uses ; so there is hope for people who are currently using the drug illegally. Presently, eight sates including California, Maine, Massachusetts, Washington, Washington DC, Colorado, Oregon and Nevada have already made the drug legal for recreational use. Smoking marijuana has several health benefits contrary to what many people believe. The health benefits of smoking marijuana are discussed in the rest of this article. Though this does not mean that the drug should abused if you decide to use it.

Can help a person lose weight
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Smoking marijuana is a debatable issue among the masses. There are people who don’t have a problem with smoking marijuana but also there are people who view the behavior as negative. Research shows that marijuana aids weight loss thus the substance can be quite beneficial to people who struggle with obesity.
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Improves lung function

Contrary to what lots of people believe, smoking marijuana enhances your lung function rather than damaging it. On the other hand, smoking cigarettes is highly discouraged because the habit can actually cause cancer if a person smokes for a long time. It can be quiet surprising to find out that marijuana smokers have better function lungs than people who don’t use any substance.

Increases creativity

Lots of people smoke pot in order to increase their creativity. Using the drug enhances your cognitive function, and can help you think through issues with more detail. In addition, it’s been noted that those who smoke marijuana tend to become more creative with words.

If you’ll be using pot for recreation, then it is essential that you use the drug with caution. Abusing marijuana has the bad side just like other substances out there. Medicinal pot on the other side could transform the health care industry for many years to comes. After all, marijuana is a much safer drug compared to other drugs like alcohol.

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