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Tea as The Healthiest Beverage One of the healthiest drinks known to man is tea. Scientific studies have proven this. Green tea is the most popular in this regard. Green tea should be consumed regularly. A healthy lifestyle will be enhanced through green tea consumption. Optimum blood glucose levels and minimum cholesterol levels are achievable through this tea. Taking green tea will help you to focus. It is rare to find a regular green tea drinker suffering from coronary artery disease. Green tea can combat colon, skin and lung cancer. The health benefits of green tea are indeed many and critical. Regular consumption will ensure you enjoy all these benefits. Green tea maintains the color of the plant even after harvesting. There is very little caffeine in green tea. It has a fresh taste, as no fermentation occurs in processing. There are many flavors of green tea. They can be sweet, fruity, nutty, to name a few. It is a great source of antioxidants known as polyphenols, which give it such a vast application in many health-related cases. This the fact has generated the interest of cancer research teams. It is now being tested as the forefront solution in cancer therapy. This can be seen in its ability to eliminate certain tumors. In increasing mental performance, green tea lowers anxiety in a person, as it increases their alertness. Bactria responsible for food poisoning can be dealt with through the catechins found in green tea. Their further effects through toxins will not be felt. Those necessary bacteria in the gut will not be harmed by the catechins.
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There are other types of tea that also have health benefits. There is black tea, which is good for reducing cholesterol. It also unblocks the arteries. Apart from unclogging, it also assists those that were weak in improving functionality. There is also the application in cancer eradication, and germ killing. Oolong tea is half green and half black. Some parts of oolong tea leaves do not ferment, before they are fried. Oolong tea is known for its sweet-flowery properties. When purchasing oolong tea, ask for those that were made using the traditional methods as these are the best. Through its fat metabolism, it has found application in obesity management. Regular oolong drinkers suffer fewer cases of osteoporosis, while their bones stay strong. It has been known to aid in fighting tooth decay, as well as reducing heart problems.
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To get the most out of all the tea varieties, you can have them blended. Blending has been a common practice for most tea merchants, to get the most out of the teas. After settling on a particular type of tea, it is important you buy only a high quality brand, while still fresh.

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